Nothing can max out your finance load than a bad credit score, bad credit history or other credit issues. But even if you have been rejected by the bank or other lender, we have the resources to ease your burden and secure you a great bad credit loan. We offer bad credit loans for the purchase of a wide range of purchases including cars, boats, caravans, motor bikes, trucks, business equipment and other items.

One of our consultants will discuss your particular requirements, listen to your story with compassion and understanding, and use our vast lending resources to secure you a great offer. All discussions are confidential and there is no obligation to accept our offer. If accepted, we will liaise with the lender on your behalf on your approval and handle all the paperwork to ease your load.

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Super yachts are the epitome of luxury. An icon of style, opulence and lifestyle. Coveted, envied and admired. Whether for your own private enjoyment or as a charter business, super yacht ownership is a dream for many people. We can assist in making that dream a reality with information, advice and guidance on the yacht charter, sales and most importantly the finance options.

Yacht Charters

When compared with ownership, chartering a yacht is a very attractive alternative to many people. There are no ongoing financial commitments, no worries about marina berthing, operating expenditure, insurance and maintaining your own vessel in superb condition. Many prefer the flexibility of yacht charter – book, pay the fixed cost and enjoy!

Many yacht charter businesses operate in the harbours, bays and waterways in all states of Australia and attract customers from both local and international tourism visitors. Australia is marketed very much on the uniqueness and natural beauty of our waterways and chartering a yacht is a great way to explore and enjoy.

Yacht charter operations cover a large range of yacht types, with bare-boat and skippered options readily available in many areas.
If you’re interested in setting up a yacht charter business or upgrading your fleet, contact us to discuss finance options.

Yacht and Boat Sales

Purchasing a yacht or power boat is a very exciting prospect. The new boat market is exhilarating to explore as manufacturers are regularly releasing new models with more tech, more spec and more power. Visiting the main boat shows, especially Sydney International Boat Show and the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, is a great opportunity to see a wide range of both sail and power boats of many sizes and with many accessories, in the one place.

Of course, if you’re purchasing a top of the range super yacht, brand new, you will no doubt travel to the boat builder’s location to discuss customising the vessel to suit exactly your specs.

The used yacht and boat market is strong and extensive. With the online marketplaces it is easy to survey boats from across the country from the comfort of wherever you use your online device.

Having a clear vision of exactly what you want is essential. That starts with deciding how you are going to use your boat. Fishing boat for either inshore or offshore excursions; family runabout for weekends and holiday escapes; mid to large sized cruiser which caters for multiple guests as well as offshore fishing; trailer boat to access multiple waterways; yacht for racing or recreation; or a vessel for a charter operation.

An important consideration is where you will moor your boat. The choices are a commercial marina, a mooring, dry storage or boat yard.

With power boats the choice includes inboard and outboard engines, various hull configurations, length, capacity and specific suitability for different waterways or water activities. The luxury and comfort element is important to your selection also.
For those considering a sailing yacht, the ranges start from the dinghy class, through to the mid-range yachts for either recreation or racing, sleek ocean racers and classic vintage wooden yachts, right up to the amazing super yachts.

While buying a new boat is the ultimate for most people, the second hand boat market is a much more realistic option for the majority of buyers. Whether buying new or used, there are a great selection of dealers across Australia. You can check their reputations if they are members of the relevant industry associations. If buying from a private seller, make sure you check for encumbrances, verify seller ID and have an independent marine specialist check the condition of the boat before purchase.

When you’re ready to purchase, contact us to discuss finance. If heading to a boat show, we can arrange pre-approved finance so you can take advantage of show specials.

Yacht and Boat Finance

Your boating experience will be even better if you secure a great commercial marine finance deal for your business or boat loan if buying a private boat. Seeking the advice of an expert marine finance broker is an astute decision as many banks and other lenders don’t specialise in this sector and may offer you a generic or more expensive loan products.

Having a broker arrange your finance will also save your time and hassle with the advantage of knowing they have done the hard work and canvassed a large number of banks and lenders to secure you the best loan to meet your specifications. Ensure you engage with an independent finance broker. One who is not aligned with any major bank or lender but is accredited with many. This independence is your assurance that your broker is working in your best interests, not the interests of shareholders and company balance sheets.
For the purchase of a boat for private use, the primary loans are Secured Boat Loan or Unsecured Personal Loans.

For purchasing vessels for business use, a charter operation or other marine business, a number of options can be considered including Chattel Mortgage, Boat Leasing and Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP). These products vary in their treatment of GST, tax deductibility and other accounting aspects so you are advised to consult with your accountant in making this decisions.
Boat Leasing is an off balance sheet business finance option. The borrower has full use of the boat while the lender holds ownerships until the borrower finalises all payments.

Chattel Mortgage is a very popular choice as it suits many sized and types of businesses that implement a cash accounting method.
Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is also a popular commercial finance product as it offers flexibility and other benefits to many businesses.

When arranging marine finance and boat loans, we ensure that every loan features low interest rates, no deposit required by the lender, interest rate fixed for loan term, fixed monthly repayments, fixed loan term and has conditions that are structured to suit our clients’ business objectives.

For specific details on any marine finance and boat loan products, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion. Our team are marine finance specialists and well-positioned to assist you with information, advice, guidance and an exceptional financial solution for your boat.