The caravan industry has experienced a fantastic resurgence in recent times, with the popularity of caravans for holidays, as tiny homes and as mobile work sites expands across generations. With this popularity has come better construction and more and more tech and mod cons incorporated into new models. Some of the top end models come with a significant price tag so you want to ensure you have the best caravan loan secured when you start looking around.

We can offer you a Secured Caravan Loan or an Unsecured Personal Loan for the purchase of a caravan to be used for private use. For holiday parks, rental companies and other business-related caravan purchases, the full range of commercial finance facilities are available.

A Secured Caravan Loan involves the lender using the van as collateral security against the loan. With an unsecured personal loan, no security is offered. Unsecured loans have a higher interest rate.

For businesses purchasing caravans, discuss with your accountant which is the best option as the products include differing treatments of GST, tax deductibility, balance sheet entries and other features.The choices include Chattel Mortgage, Caravan Leasing and Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP).

We can arrange both personal and business finance for new and used caravans.

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